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How to start selling auto parts around the world with a capital of $ 7,500

Primary capital of $ 7,500 and capital business – is it compatible?

From early childhood, life did not spare Janus Sun, he quickly learned and learned the basic law “if you want to live, count on your own strength.” As a child, he was “lucky” to get sick with polio, as a result of his illness, Janus became almost completely disabled, but thanks to his own persistence and daily training, he learned to re-jump on one leg and then walk.

The life lesson of perseverance and self-reliance gained in life was put into practice by Janus again 20 years later, when he was looking for the first clients for his own business.

Now his company Sungreat supplies parts for cars in a huge number of developing countries – from Europe and the Middle East to Asia and Africa.

Janus says that the markets of developing countries always converge among themselves – in these markets it is impossible to be 100% sure in tomorrow, they are constantly experiencing both rapid ups and equally rapid falls. The best time to enter such a market is a take-off period, but remember that a rapid take-off is always followed by a fall and you should never hope in the business for only one partner.

Janus Sun’s business is based on the implementation of intermediary services – his company collects orders from various customers from different countries and then transfers them to factories that produce spare parts for cars of most brands.

In recent years, Sungreat’s profits have been constantly changing – five years ago, revenues reached $ 60 million, but over time sales in Argentina and Iran began to decline, and now the level of revenue is at $ 42 million.

Sales are distributed almost evenly in three directions – a third of orders are from Russia, a third from Brazil, and the rest is from orders from the countries of the Middle East, North Africa and South America (with the exception of Brazil).

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To find so many clients in all corners of the globe, Sun had to work hard, had to overcome many omissions and misunderstandings. In all critical situations, Janus was guided by the rule “keep calm in any situation, even if it is very hot.”

In addition, to get to know the soul of a Russian client who came to the airport in three identical Mercedes-Benz 350 cars, or understand the traditions of an Azerbaijani client who personally slaughtered a goat and gave Janus a goat’s eyes as a delicacy and as a sign of special respect, Janus is unlikely to succeed. But in all situations, he tried to be calm and not be nervous for no reason.

Life has never been condescending towards Janus. At first, in deep childhood, he ended up in South Korea with his parents, but the parents died in a street brawl, and foster parents, although they tried to give a lot of love to their stepson, could not cope with the diagnosis of polio. The foster father died when the boy was 10 years old, and the foster mother, along with her half-sister, behaved like a stepmother with daughters behaved with Cinderella. Rudeness and hard work is what Janus got used to from childhood.

Thoughts of suicide often visited a teenager, but he was able to find support in the church, where he met his wife. Jin Yuan, Janus’ wife, says that the difficulties of youth help the spouse to understand people better and to find common language with them.
Janus began to build his own business in 1978. He had only $ 7,500 in savings, and in Taiwan, the business of producing spare parts for various types of cars began to emerge.

Sun always believed in his own strength and his own luck. The first exhibition brought new customers and the first orders for $ 50,000.

In the course of work, all sorts of situations happened, but Janus earned himself a reputation by always compensating customers for inconveniences and unpleasant surprises.

Primary capital of $ 7,500 and capital business – is it compatible?

The main trump card of the company Janus – is the work “conscientiously.” Despite the huge number of Chinese factories that can produce parts for every taste and wallet, Janus is always responsible for the quality of the parts supplied to the customer.
Before shipping, all parts undergo a quality check and, in case of non-compliance with the declared characteristics, are sent to the manufacturer.

Since 2005, Janus manages the company is not one. His only daughter, the heiress Jessica Sun, works with his father in the corporation Sungreat. Jessica sincerely admires his father, wondering how he manages to find a common language with completely different people, how he manages to keep the boss’s strictness and still remain a reliable husband.

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