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How to make money on paid surveys on the Internet?

The issue of earnings on the Internet confidently holds the leading position in the ranking of search engines. The Internet continues to amaze with new and unusual types of enrichment, so it is not surprising that people strive to get a decent reward for their work.

The possibilities of the network are truly endless, but this article will touch on the topic of extracting stable income by expressing one’s own opinion. This is great news for those who want to combine a pleasant lesson with a useful one.

It turns out that a myriad of trading companies that specialize in the production of consumer goods, organize paid surveys. Their goal is to understand the needs of their customers.

What do you think about the new label of this product? Is this colorful sticker a success? What are you thinking about when looking at a roadside billboard? What attracts attention more: a bright sign in the center of the city, an advertisement in a magazine or a voice coming from the speakers of your favorite radio station? The manufacturer is interested in every little thing! He is ready to pay for your frankness, knowing full well that thanks to the attention paid to his potential customers, the costs will pay off.

So how do paid surveys work?

Despite the fact that this method of research of the consumer market is relatively “young”, its benefits are indisputable.

Marketing research is an important condition that ensures a high level of sales. They are conducted by specialized agencies that receive orders from the manufacturer to conduct surveys among the target audience.

Gender, age, place of residence, hobbies and tastes are taken into account – this information for respondents is invited to be entered into the registration form. Having specified their mailbox, they receive an invitation to participate in polls on certain topics: healthy lifestyle, beauty, cars, modern technologies, mobile communications, equipment, family, relationships.

The cost of the completed questionnaire varies from 50 to 200 rubles. At the same time, part of the remuneration goes to survey developers, and the rest goes to the participants.

What details should be considered when working with paid surveys? opros

First, you need to have at least 15 minutes of free time in stock. The organizers require clear and precise answers expressing the true attitude of the participant to the topic concerned.

Secondly, the correctness of filling in questionnaires plays a special role in such work. Before you proceed, do not interfere with the rules. It will be a shame if one uncultured word causes the respondent’s profile to be blocked.

What level of revenue from paid surveys should count?

We can safely say that paid surveys can earn a few thousand rubles a month. Even if you will cooperate with only 15 companies that offer at least one survey per week, 60 questionnaires will be collected in a month!

Where to get money to start your own business? This problem is faced by 95% of start-up entrepreneurs! In the article “Where to get money for a business,” we revealed the most current ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in stock exchange earnings: “see the results of the experiment”
What’s the catch?

It’s all about targeting a strictly defined circle of users. The personal data of the respondents, which were mentioned earlier, play the role of a kind of filter when choosing the survey topics. That is why you can not take part in all available surveys.

However, even if offhand it is assumed that only 50% of possible offers will be sent to e-mail, a month of playing “question-answer” will bring about 1,500-2,000 thousand rubles. But come across and more highly paid questionnaires.

As a result, the income of the average user will be at least 2500-3000 thousand rubles. This is already more or less stable additional earnings with a favorable ratio of power and time costs.

Where to begin?

The first step is to register on the official polling site. Naturally, the income directly depends on the number of such sites. It would seem that the more profiles – the more hassle, but not. Thanks to the adjusted feedback via the email inbox, all applications come to one place, which significantly saves time. If there is no need to go into your private offices in turn, waiting for the news, the task is simplified.

Asking The registration process requires the user to:

1. Tell in detail about yourself.

Do not skimp on the details. Thus, the respondent increases the chance that they will choose him for the survey! It makes no sense to worry about the safety of personal data. By keeping track of their reputation, companies care about the privacy of no less than the clients themselves!

2. Show ingenuity.

Answering some questions, it will not be superfluous to turn on the imagination. After all, no one will control whether the user is really bothered to buy a car or a refrigerator.

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