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A selection of ideas for earning VKontakte

Classmates is the first ever social network. In fact, it was the first Internet platform for chatting people. Today, a person cannot imagine his life without the so-called “networking”.

This conclusion was made by psychologists from the United States. They noted that every year more and more people are immersed in the virtual world. They find there new friends, like-minded people, start families and get a job.

Each state has its own social networks: in the United States of America – FaceBook, Republic of France – Skyrock, Germany – Werkenntwen. The audience of these Internet projects is estimated at millions of living people.

On top of that, social networks are also a good place to earn extra income. Below you can see popular and interesting business ideas that can be implemented on the basis of social networks. For example, such as VK.

Advertisers claim that those who have a popular public (the number of subscribers is not less than 10,000) can make good money on this. The average price per subscriber varies from 3 to 5 kopecks. Of course, this is the case if the advertiser places his post on the public page.
Basically, an advertisement will hang on the wall for no more than three days – this gives the group owner to earn at least 3 -5 000 rubles / month. You can also place affiliate links. For them, the customer can pay the same amount.

Naturally, the attention of subscribers must be constantly held. For this reason, a large amount of original information should be placed on the page.

Now VC has divorced a lot of publics and groups, which are sharpened exclusively for earnings. Information posts there almost on a complete machine, so, firstly, one person may have several groups at his disposal and, secondly, these groups may be almost identical in content. From here and popularity of any public with business quotes and other similar things.

The whole industry feeds in this niche and, I must say, there is something to profit from, because the business audience is considered the most valuable in the network.

You can see how much you can earn on your public, for example, business topics.

Each star, be it a singer or actor, has its own social network page. Through her visit, fans track any changes in the life of an idol. Many users of the social network use these resources to communicate directly with an interesting person: they express their admiration, learn about their state of health, or simply ask about how the inhabitant of star Olympus is doing.
It goes without saying that everyone understands that people involved in show business have almost no time to communicate with fans. For this reason, they hire a special person who maintains their social page.

The average price for this service starts from 5 000 rubles / month. Moreover, politicians, lawyers and other public people need services of this type.

If you feel the strength and the ability to engage in a star account or a politician, you can offer your services, for example, Zyuganov or Natasha Koroleva 🙂

Become a ghost writer (ghost writer) and get extra income.

Public and its promotion
Where to get money to start your own business? This problem is faced by 95% of start-up entrepreneurs! In the article “Where to get money for a business,” we revealed the most current ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in stock exchange earnings: “see the results of the experiment”
The idea of ​​business from scratch. No investment
Start your business with the Place Tech aggregator. Partnership conditions for the start.

There is such a concept in the advertising world – as a PR company. This is a phenomenon that involves the promotion of a product or service on all fronts: the world wide web, print media, TV, etc. The social network user can use his public to promote a brand or product manufactured by the customer company.
In this case, it is very important to get the maximum number of unique visits to the public, which is dedicated to a particular “product”. Many people believe that to increase the popularity it will be enough to make a copy-paste of the most interesting and creative material, but this is not so.

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