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How to build a business to care for the elderly. The history of the company Right at Home.

In the US, the standard of living allows old people to live a long time, so the average age of a nation is constantly growing, and as a result, the market for firms providing care for older people is growing and developing.

For many years Right Right Home has been one of the leading companies in this sector. We will try to figure out how they do it.

The permanent owner of Right at Home is Allan Hager. He still remembers with warmth one of his first clients.

Worthy old age – a fairy tale and reality in one company

An elderly farmer, whose daughter worked in the navy and could not provide her father with decent care, named Art. His requirements for a houseworker were not at all trivial: in addition to ordinary shopping assistance, a person had to know how to drive a 1959 Chevrolet truck with a steering wheel gearbox and three speeds, as the farmer dreamed of daily inspections of his possessions.

Allan recalls that when he heard the requirements of the client, he could not even imagine that he could find such a multifunctional assistant who could handle the farm and driving a truck. But “patience and work” helped Haiger not to stop halfway through and find such a person — long telephone conversations, a lot of calls and refusals, were finally crowned with success!

For many years, Art was a grateful customer of Right at Home.

This incident happened about 20 years ago, but allowed Haiger to understand his “secret of success” once and for all.

In life, Allan Hager tried many professions – he worked as a hospital administrator, was educated as a “nurse”, and before opening his own company he worked in this area in order to better feel the nuances of the profession and understand its subtleties.

Today, the Right at Home company provides the elderly with a wide range of services: help with housekeeping, shopping, and nursing home care.

The company’s central office is located in Omaha, and there are divisions in eight countries of the world, about 400 offices around the world provide care for the elderly. Last year, the company’s revenue amounted to approximately $ 265 million. Also in 2013, the company managed to carry out capital optimization and reduce costs by $ 17 million.

Worthy old age – a fairy tale and reality in one company

This year, Right at Home ranked second in the Forbes franchise ranking with an initial capital of up to $ 150,000.

What is the difference between Right at Home and its competitors? What is the secret of success?

The main feature is the compulsory training and development of company employees. Right at Home provides its clients with exclusively qualified carers with work experience. At the same time, competing companies often provide customers with only personal assistants, without special education and skills.

In the past 5 years, Right at Home has been actively developing international services markets – the first franchise appeared in 2009 in England, then offices in China and Brazil appeared.

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Although these steps cannot be called a global market conquest, we can safely say that Right at Home finds its own way that will help provide quality home care to older people around the world. In the United States, most families live separately, and matured children, who have often become parents themselves, are far from always able to give the proper amount of attention and care towards their elderly parents – in this case, Right at Home comes to the rescue.

In addition, home care is becoming increasingly popular and even offered for inclusion in medical policies as a separate item of services provided.

Worthy old age – a fairy tale and reality in one company

The rapid aging of people born during the baby boom of the mid-20th century and the high standard of living will inevitably lead to the fact that by the middle of the 21st century the number of people over the age of 60 will exceed 2 billion people. The rapid growth of the home care services market for the elderly has already been noticed – over the past 5 years the market has grown by 70%, increasing to 30 billion dollars.

At the moment, the company provides services that do not depend on government and insurance payments, all services are paid for by clients, since the company provides services that are not covered by medical insurance.

Ben Solomon, who opened a Seattle office in 2004, talks about his ten-year experience working with Right at Home. Right now, the cost of the Right at Home franchise business is $ 125,000;…

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