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Examples of small business ideas from America

Americans have always differed a special type of thinking, this nation, which absorbed almost all world cultures, has become a concentrate of creative ideas relating to various spheres of life. Business proposals have also always been distinguished in America by originality and even some absurdity. But the constant fact for all directions was their success, at least for some time.

Many business ideas from America were subsequently widely disseminated throughout the world, including in the CIS countries. For example, the car wash that is customary for us today is the American invention, including the modern automatic car wash, which significantly reduced the cost of paying for the work of the service personnel.

The people who love to eat anytime and anywhere, especially all sorts of quite harmful products, could not come up with such a business idea as selling products through vending machines. The same desire to always have on hand a favorite product, led the Americans to the widespread sale of different types of coffee in a convenient container that you could easily take with you on the road or bring no problems to the office.

Another interesting type of business is luggage storage, located right on the freeways. Americans love to travel around the country on their own vehicles, so this service is in high demand among them. For a fee, you can leave valuables in a cell for a while, and pick them up on the way back.

Another business that originated in this country was stickers, moreover, both familiar to us on clothes and on flower petals intended as a gift to loved ones. The idea of ​​a business associated with t-shirt stickers has become widespread in Russia today, and online stores are simply overwhelmed with proposals of this plan. With its low cost, this product allows you to get a very good profit, and for the implementation of this type of activity does not require large initial investments.

As a useful idea, you can highlight the manufacture and sale of shoes, allowing air to have free access to the foot. The material is equipped with special holes, covered with a membrane, due to which the shoes have a closed look, but, in fact, it is open.

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This type of business, much loved by many people today, as an online store, also comes from America. A simple idea makes a profit to millions, and allows consumers to make convenient purchases without leaving home.

America is full of ideas, some of which are used throughout the world, and some remain the property of its inhabitants, open to everything new and non-standard.
What is the trick: the provocative name “Egg slut” is one part of what makes this van awesome, the second is eggs. As the name implies, everything in the Egg Slut menu is made deliciously from eggs.

From simple eggs wrapped in bacon, branded pasta with Egg Slut cheese and to tacos, Egg Slut proves that everything is better with eggs – and it’s normal to get a little crazy about them.
Where: Somewhere in Washington
What is it: “an itinerant culinary carnival” ..

What’s the point: the Fogil brothers are more than the cook of a food van. They are also carnival artists. The brothers serve classics of street Indian and Ethiopian cuisine, offering them with basmati rice and a yangera, respectively.

Dressed up in colorful costumes, the brothers create a real spectacle when they appear outside of government buildings and law offices, but their food is proclaimed one of the best in Washington.

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Idea: Forbes Island
Where: California, San Francisco, Sea Lion Harbor, dock “H” between 39 and 41 berths

What it is: floating restaurant.

What’s the trick: Forbes Island is located in Sea-San Lion, San Francisco harbor, and it can offer the best views of Alcatraz and the sea lions that don’t sunbathe.

Forbes Island was originally built in 1975 by millionaire and houseboat designer Forbes Thor Kidd as a private houseboat, and while the plan for a houseboat failed, the idea of ​​a floating restaurant remained.

Crazy ideas from overseas that have proven successful.
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