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Business over the Internet: Service for renting unnecessary things

Arkady Meshkovsky is a person who invented and implemented the idea of ​​using unnecessary things. For the first time about taking and renting things, he thought while studying at a business school.

Who needs “unnecessary” things?

The project was named RENTMANIA, the own savings were spent on the creation and organization of the existing Internet site. But the startup turned out to be successful and attracted investments from the Internet Initiatives Development Fund.

We learn from Arkady how he assesses the prospects for business development, and how does RENTMANIA attract his clients?

Meshkovsky begins with the fact that several years ago with his family, he traveled to Seliger. For a comfortable and convenient journey, a large, reliable and comfortable tent was purchased – it was purchased for 10,000 rubles, and it was needed for it one-time. After Seliger, the tent remained lying in the closet, taking up space and recalling the money spent.

The idea of ​​using such things came to Arkady and his fellow practitioners in business training. They discussed the need for storage in the expensive square meters of Moscow and St. Petersburg apartments collections of suitcases that most people need once or twice a year.

“Catching” the idea, Arkady began to study this question, began to talk with his friends, to find out from them about things that are stored most of the time and are used from strength once a year. It turned out that everyone has such things, and if you add them up, it turns out that there are many more such “dead” things than used ones.

Then Arkady began to learn about similar business areas in the West. An inspiring example was the Airbnb service, through which people can rent their own apartments and houses to travelers.

Starting $ 5,000

To create a working version of the online service, it was not necessary to spend fabulous sums. Arkady spent only $ 5,000 to create a working version of the service with minimal functionality, however, allowing the tenant and the landlord to communicate with each other.

Any user could, how to register on the site, fill out a profile and rent out things, and write to the landlord and arrange a lease with him.

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Primary capital Arkady used from personal savings.

The main difficulty was the lack of desire of people to check “Can I rent something?”. Most of the population of the country is brought up so that if a thing is needed, then it must be purchased. It is not necessary to spend money on the highest quality product – you can buy a cheap Chinese equivalent, you can even buy used goods, but still such a thing will lie in an apartment for years and take up space, but in the end it will still go to a landfill.

Service RENTMANIA allows you to develop a new way of looking at life. If you need some thing, do not strive to urgently purchase it, you need to look around and see “Can you get it for rent?”.

This approach to spending money is as simple and convenient as possible. In any case, this arkady claims.

Now this business is becoming popular, so those who work in this direction consider themselves to be like-minded people rather than competitors.

The first clients appeared at RENTMANIA from the community of like-minded people – those who helped Arkady in setting up a business, then became the first clients and the first “innovators”.

On the RENTMANIA service you can find children’s toys, sports equipment, evening dresses, musical instruments and systems, suitcases, power tools and any other things that a person may need.
Arkady was able to attract the best specialists in the services market to his RENTMANIA project. Specialists in e-commerce, experts in usability and interfaces, specialists with experience in bringing products to the market from scratch, Arkady left himself business development and sales promotion.

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